OBS Deployments offshore Iquique


We plan to combine 24 months of continuous data from 14 ocean bottom stations (OBS) installed between December 2014 and November 2016 with the data from the permanent IPOC network and temporary landstations.

The integration of the offshore OBS data with the onshore seismology data provides a shore-line crossing data set with the exceptional capability to fully image the plate boundary in its entity. Previous data sets were only capable to capture the offshore domain up to the continental shelf or the onshore portion from the arc to the coastline. Here, we have the unique opportunity to bridge this gap. In particular, we want to investigate seismicity in the 2014 rupture area and the transition to the remaining seismic gap to the south of the Iquique earthquake, which last ruptured in 1877.

We plan to detect and locate the seismicity in order to obtain a high-resolution earthquake catalogue. This will allow resolving the spatial relation between postseismic activity and structural features such as variations in the topography of the plate interface, splay faults, internal structure of the seismogenic zone or transient fluid migration into the overriding plate, to establish a possible correlation between dehydration processes and the seismicity distribution in the upper plate. Then, local earthquake tomography will be applied to determine the 2D and 3D vp and vp/vs velocity structure and will contribute to a better understanding of lateral and downdip structural changes of the forearc.

Date: 2014/12 - 2016/11


Deployment Dezember 2014 - Dezember 2015

Station IDLatitudeLongitude
OBS01 N1 -19.0992  -70.9025
OBS02 N2 -19.3498-71.3503
OBS03   N3-19.4998-70.9998
OBS04  N4 -19.7502-71.1662
OBS05 N5 -19.7498 -70.7527
OBS06 C1 -20.0095 -70.8805
OBS07 C2 -20.2502 -71.0292
OBS08 C3 -20.2493 -70.7007
OBS09 C4 -20.4993 -70.8498
OBS10 S2 -20.7518 -70.9955
OBS11 S1 -20.7487 -70.7012
OBS12 S3 -20.9992 -70.8165
OBS13 X1 -21.3502 -70.9698
OBS14 X3 -21.7498 -70.8027
OBS15 X2 -21.3348 -70.6502

GEOMAR OBS Deployment RV Sonne SO244 (Dezember 2015 - Dezember 2016)

OBS01 -20.74152 -71.06256 -5350 alkaline
OBS02 -20.7685 -70.79785 -2501lithium
OBS03 -20.46966 -70.87623 -2898lithium
OBS04 -20.36685 -71.06605 -5071lithium
OBS05 -20.1005 -71.11888 -4819 lithium
OBS06 -19.88998 -71.2109-5346alkaline
OBS07 -19.6023 -71.2775 -4887 lithium
OBS08 -19.34578 -71.0216-1735 alkaline
OBS09 -19.5798 -70.83018 -1729 lithium
OBS10 -19.8154 -70.72756 -1432 alkaline
OBS11 -19.94056 -70.93186 -2736 lithium
OBS12 -20.2015 -70.9003 -2998lithium
OBS13  -20.2953 -70.73083-2100 lithium
OBS14  -21.54985 -70.75005-2787 lithium


Partners and people

People involved: dlange(at)geomar.deDietrich Lange, Eduardo Contreras Reyes, Ingo Grevemeyer, Heidrun Kopp

Partner institutions: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Universidad de Chile



the data are available upon request, please contact Dietrich Lange.


Selected Publications