Multi-Parameter Stations

A key component of IPOC are its multi-parameter observatories, where at each site a suite of different physical parameters are measured continuously. So far about 20 such multi-parameter stations are installed. All of these sites are equipped with STS-2 broadband seismometers and accelerometers. Additional instrumentation at some of the stations includes continuous GPS, electric and magnetic field (MT), surface inclination, and climate (temperature, air pressure, humidity). Most sites transmit their data in near-real time using a suite of communication channels (VSAT, WiFi, telemetry etc.).


To cope with the high resolution and dynamic of the sensors and data acquisition, site installation was accomplished with special care. At most sites a cavern was blasted into the bedrock up to 5 meters deep to ensure stable conditions for measurements. The careful selection and remoteness of the sites ensures excellent data quality.

Sites are equipped with Streckeisen STS-2 broadband and Kinemetrics EPI strong-motion seismic sensors connected to a Quanterra Q330/Q330HR digitizer, which samples at a maximum rate of 100 Hz. The magneto-telluric streams are digitized with 20 Hz by an Earth Data Logger (EDL). They are also connected to the SeisComP PC that handles local storage and seedlink communication. Additional data streams collected and transmitted are 1Hz continuous GPS, climatic parameters and web cam pictures of the vault entrance. Stations are self-sufficiently powered with solar panels. Data is transmitted to the GEOFON data centre via a VSAT satellite link.