Seismology at IPOC

The IPOC seismic network is a key part of the observatory. The permanent seismic network includes broadband stations at each of the ca. 20 multiparameter sites of IPOC operating since 2006. The IPOC Seismic Network is jointly operated by the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany; the Institut de Physique du Globe Paris, France (IPGP); the Chilean National Seismological Centre (CSN); the Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile (UdC); and the Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile (UCNA).

In addition to the permanent installations, several temporary seismic networks are or have been installed in the ICOP Region and adjacent areas.

The broadband stations are complemented by strong motion accelerometers monitoring ground motion during large earthquakes at seven neuralgic structures. Strong motion accelerometers are installed at each multiparameter site and additionally locations (see here for a full sites overview).


The continuous data of the permanent IPOC Seismic Network (broadband) are archived at the GFZ Seismological Data Archive (GEOFON) with the network code CX and published with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for Seismic Networks (

The IPOC Earthquake Catalogue was published by Sippl, C., B. Schurr, G. Asch, and J. Kummerow (2018), Catalogue of Earthquake Hypocenters for Northern Chile Compiled from IPOC (plus auxiliary) seismic stations. GFZ Data Services,

A full overview on all available DOI-referenced datasets of IPOC is given in the Data section. All temporary seismic networks in the IPOC region and adjacent areas  are listed here.

Partners and People

People involved: Günther Asch, Bernd Schurr, Jean-Pierre Vilotte, Ruben Boroschik, Sergio Barrientos Parra, Pablo Salazar Reinoso, Frederik Tilmann

Partner institutions: Universidad de Chile (Departamento de Ingenieria Civil), Centro Sismológico Nacional de la Universidad de Chile, Potsdam University, Universidad Católica del Norte, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences


Selected Publications


Gassenmeier, M., C. Sens-Schönfelder, T. Eulenfeld, M. Bartsch, P. Victor, F. Tilmann, and M. Korn (2016), Field observations of seismic velocity changes caused by shaking-induced damage and healing due to mesoscopic nonlinearity, Geophysical Journal International, 204(3), 1490-1502,

González, G., P. Salazar, J. P. Loveless, R. W. Allmendinger, F. Aron, and M. Shrivastava (2015), Upper plate reverse fault reactivation and the unclamping of the megathrust during the 2014 northern Chile earthquake sequence, Geology, 43(8), 671-674,

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Strong Motion

Bindi, D., B. Schurr, R. Puglia, E. Russo, A. Strollo, F. Cotton, and S. Parolai (2014), A Magnitude Attenuation Function Derived for the 2014 Pisagua (Chile) Sequence Using Strong-Motion Data, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 104(6), 3145-3152,

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Jean-Pierre Vilotte (BB)
Bernd Schurr (BB, SM)
Ruben Boroschek (SM)