The Creepmeter CAR1 has been installed across an active fault scarp of the Atacama Fault system close to the southern termination of the Salar del Carmen Segment of the fault. The instrument was installed in an incised gully in the vicinity of paleoseismological trenches. Therefore, the trace of the active fault could be very well determined. Colluvial wedges in the hanging wall indicate seismogenic faulting in the recent past. Outcrops indicate normal faulting along a fault plane striking 28° and dipping 75°ESE at this site.


Location-23.740 028° S / -70.315 069° W
Elevation551 m
Installation Date2009/04/09
Length9 m
Depth50 - 70 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010

2009/11/13 logger exchange, weather station and GPS antenna installation

2010/06/09 logger power supply connected to battery, 1 V reference signal, adjustment internal clock, increased sampling rate to 30 sec

2010/10/23 additional temperature sensor in box

2010/10/25 setup online connection (WIFI connection with CAR2)

2011/03/25 logger firmware update, differential voltage measurement

2011/03/27 installation of temperature reference sensor (Pt100), LVDT power supply connected directly to battery

2011/11/07 logger firmware update

2012/04/25 new configuration, external access to logger via VPN

Additional InstrumentsWeather station (humidity, air pressure, air temperature)