The Creepmeter CAR3 has been installed across a well localized active fault scarp of the northern portion of the Salar del Carmen Segment of the Atacama Fault System about 26 km north of CAR1. The instrument was installed in an incised gully and crosses two fault branches both with normal fault offsets along fault planes striking 18° and dipping 78° and 84° to the W respectively. The amount of vertical displacement of the uppermost alluvial fan sediments is 40 cm and 75 cm. Paleoseismological trenches in the vicinity show colluvial wedges in the hanging wall indicating seismogenic displacements. • This site has been equipped with a Trillium broadband seismometers located on the concrete foundation of the creepmeter installation in the footwall.


Location-23.511 456° S / -70.249650° W
Elevation697 m
Installation Date2011/11/15
Length9 m
Depth38 - 42 cm
Sampling Rate30 sec

2011/11/22 setup online connection via Inmarsat BGAN, GPS antenna installation for time synchronization

2012/3/7 satellite modem exchange

Additional instrumentsTrillium Seismometer since 2011