The Creepmeter CARR is a reference station that is not installed across an active fault scarp or crack in order to monitor the behavior of the alluvial fan material and to investigate its thermoelastic properties. Therefore the instrument was installed where the active drainage system is not crosscut by any fault or joint approx. 600 m east of CAR3. This installation consists of two instruments. One is orientated parallel to CAR3 and one perpendicular to it


Location-23.512217° S / -70.243946° W
Elevation666 m
Installation Date2011/11/15
AzimuthL115° and R25°
Dip0° and 2°
Length2 x 9 m
Depth50 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010
Modifications2011/11/22 setup online connection (WIFI-connection with CAR3)