Creepmeter CHO2 is installed across a surface break with normal offset that is part of a large crack field related to the Chomache Fault. The instrument is installed in a gully that is crosscut by recent small scale cracks indicating recent extension across the fault zone since the last rainfall event. The monitored fault branch strikes. 165° and dips 80° E. The measured vertical offset is 26 cm. During the strong rainfall event in August 2015 the gully was flooded and the instrument was exposed but not damaged. During subsequent fieldwork in October 2015 the instrument was covered with boulders and gravel to avoid further damage and high temperatures on the rod and sensor.


Location-21.105933°S / -70.096900° W
Elevation620 m
Installation Date2008/12/06
Length2 m
Depth20 – 40 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010

2009/11/27 storage box underground, solar panel frame installed

2009/11/28 weather station installed, logger change and GPS antenna installation for time synchronization

2010/06/11 increased sampling rate to 30 sec, logger power supply connected to battery, 1 V reference signal, adjustment internal clock

2011/04/07 logger firmware update, differential voltage measurement, installation of temperature reference sensor (Pt100), installation box temperature sensor, LVDT power supply connected directly to battery, setup Inmarsat BGAN connection

2011/11/17 logger firmware update

Additional instrumentsWeather station (humidity, air pressure, air temperature)