El Tatjo geothermal site

The El Tatio geothermal site belongs to a volcanic chain that was mainly active during the Pliocene to Pleistocene era. On their western side, a depression formed, associated with tectonic faulting the formation of the most dramatic thermal exhalations in the Andes. Due to the intense geothermal activity, the El Tatio volcano is still considered as an active volcano. The El Tation geothermal site includes over 80 fumaroles and solfataras, more than 60 hotsprings, 50 geysers and 5 mud volcanoes.

Country: Chile Volcano

Type: Hydrothermal field

Status: Pleistocene

Summit Elevation: 4280 m

Latitude: 22.35°S

Longitude: 68.03°W

Monitoring Organization:

Seismicity: A seismic monitoring experiment was realized in 2014. Data available through GEOFON Time lapse camera: Near continuous data stream since 2011

Fumarole temperature. Near continuous data stream since 2011

Terrestrial laser scanner data (2013): Deformation. Near continuous monitoring using TerraSAR since 2012

Topography: Drone based and lidar based data from 2014, 2015 and 2016

Infrared: FLIR data annual 2011-now

Meteorological station.