The location of creepmeter MEJ3 is situated 1.6 km south of Creepmeter MEJ2. The instrument was installed across the same active branch of the Mejillones Fault. It was installed directly in a paleoseismological trench where the location of the active branch could be well determined. Similar to the MEJ2 site multiple normal fault reactivation is documented in the trench. The active fault plane strikes 199° and dips 78° E.


Location-22.842333° S/ -70.183200° W
Elevation1077 m
Installation Date2009/04/06
Length5 m
Depth90 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010

2009/11/18 logger exchange and GPS antenna installation for time synchronization 2010/06/08 logger power supply connected to battery, 1 V reference signal, adjustment internal clock, increased sampling rate to 30 sec

2010/10/18 setup online connection

2010/10/31 logger firmware update

2011/04/01 differential voltage measurement installation of temperature reference sensor (Pt100), installation box temperature sensor, LVDT power supply connected directly to battery

2011/11/08 logger firmware update