The Creepmeter site FOR3 is equipped with two instruments to resolve the strike slip component of the relative displacement observed in the long-term record. Two increments of dextral displacement are observed. A 100 m dextral offset in several large gullies and a 0.5 m dextral offset in several of the small gullies. An additional active normal component of displacement is recorded in sets of retreated knickpoints in gullies incised in the fault scarp. The fault plane at the site strikes190° and dips 76° E.


Location-22.876750° S / -70.179121° W
Elevation1107 m
Installation Date2009/11/24
AzimuthL78° and R142°
Length2 x 9 m
Depth50 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010

2010/06/08 logger power supply connected to battery, 1 V reference signal, adjustment internal clock, increased sampling rate to 30 sec, setup online connection

2010/10/31 logger exchange

2011/04/02 logger firmware update, differential voltage measurement, installation of temperature reference sensor (Pt100), installation box temperature sensor, LVDT power supply connected directly to battery

2011/11/08 logger firmware update

2012/03/10 logger exchange