The creepmeter MEJ2 is installed across the well-localized Mejillones fault. The instrument crosses a surface rupture offsetting alluvial fan sediments deposited well after 26 ky by up to 30 cm. This surface rupture is the exact prolongation of a well defined fault scarp that experienced several normal faulting events recorded in slope breaks. The multiple fault slip history during the past 40 ky is also confirmed by paleoseismological investigations. The free face of the fault at this location strikes 174° and dips 86° E.


Location-23.116331° S / -70.495498° W
Elevation139 m
Installation Date2008/11/26
Length3 m
Depth40 - 60 cm
Sampling Rate60 sec, 30 sec since June 2010

2009/03/23 storage box underground, solar panel firmly attached

2009/11/14 weather station installed

2010/06/07 logger power supply connected to battery, 1 V reference signal, adjustment internal clock, increased sampling rate to 30 sec

2011/03/24 logger firmware update, router firmware update, adjustment internal clock, differential voltage measurement, LVDT power supply connected directly to battery

2011/04/19 logger exchange, installation of temperature reference sensor (Pt100), installation box temperature sensor, setup online connection via WIFI bridge

2011/11/05 logger firmware update, installation satellite modem

2012/03/10 adjustment satellite modem

Additional InstrumentsWeather station (humidity, air pressure, air temperature)