Putana volcano

The Putana volcano locates on an N-S elongated complex, and currently is dominated by vigorous fumarolic activity. Last eruption was documented 200 years ago. Aim of the activities in the IPOC is to analyse interactions between fumarole activity, earthquakes and flank motion by using remote sensing data.

Country: Chile

Volcano Type: Hydrothermally active stratovolcano

Status: Historic Summit

Elevation: 5884 m

Latitude: 22.557°S Longitude: 68.853°W


Monitoring Organization:
Seismicity: A short term seismic monitoring experiment was realized. Data will be made available after reoccupation of the instruments in 2018.

Infrared: FLIR data in 2011, 2014

Camera: installation in 2011

DOAS experiment (GEOMAR in 2014)

Photo: Time lapse camera view of the Putana volcano